Want to Stop Receiving the Yellow Pages in Print

If you’re like me, you never even open the copy of the “printed” Yellow Pages you receive. Mine ends up in the recycling bin within days. Now, you can stop the waste and save a few trees in the process by opting-out of the Yellow Pages delivery. ParkHowell.com has a detailed post about the amount of resources used to print and distribute the Yellow Pages.

To opt-out now, visit this link: YellowPagesGoGreen.org

I requested “non-deliver” and it only took two minutes (your turn):

Your request to be removed from Yellow Pages distribution has been forwarded to the Yellow Pages publishers we have on file that serve your area.

Yellowpagesgoesgreen.org is a grassroots organization that is asking all people interested in opting out to please tell family, friends, and co-workers about our program.

“We have thousands of people like you signing up every month and trying to help stop the nonsense of delivering an unsolicited telephone book to people that do not want one. Thank you for your support.”