The Power of Solar

It is no longer uncommon for those using solar energy systems to sell excess electricity generated back to the power companies. It is, however, uncommon to see a local news story about a hardware store owner doing so.

The hardware store owner is located in an ideal area; St. Augustine, Florida. Will we see green shopping centers developed in the near future where all of the retail stores obtain electricity from alternative energy sources? The developer could generate cash flow while stores are temporarily vacant or sell the electricity to the store owners at a reduced rate to recuperate the initial capital investment. Banks might even be more willing to provide the loans given the additional cash flow source for the developer and the bank under a foreclosure situation.

The following video, pointed out to us by Raymond Chiu, covers the story:


Will “Green Banks” emerge? Say banks that specialize in funding this type of development. Or, will investment companies emerge that install and own the electricity for shopping centers; mini-power companies. If you are an investor interested in running the numbers, please contact us. We can create a financial model (spreadsheet analysis) to determine the rate of return. According to the news story above, 70 percent of the cost of the panels was paid by the government – OK, now we have your attention.