Shell Funds Energy Land Reclaimation Study

On of the key issues facing the environment today is venture capital and funding support from large corporations. Oil Obit Energy News is interested in following the money and we will report on developments in the sector.

Recently, we learned that Shell is providing a $950,000 grant to enable Colorado State University (CSU) researchers to study how best to re-vegetate lands disturbed by energy development. According to Colorado Energy News:

The work will take place on one of Shell’s three federal research, development and demonstration oil shale leases in Rio Blanco County. The lessons will be applicable not just to possible commercial oil shale development, but also to the natural gas development frenzy that already is occurring in northwest Colorado.

Shell’s funding is generating positive comments, including that of Mark Paschke, a CSU associate professor of restoration ecology and a principal researcher on the project. “I think Shell has really stepped up to the plate here,” he commented. << Colorado Energy News >>