Greenspot Program Needed in All 50 States

GREENspot needed in all 50 states

What do you do with unwanted computers, monitors, TVs, cell phones, audio-video components and other electronic waste? Landfill? Do you have any other option? Southern California residents do. They can now recycle unwanted electronics at dozens of convenient “e-waste” drop-off locations known as GREENspots.

California has established 126 GREENspots statewide making it easier for California residents and businesses to find free, convenient and environmentally responsible electronic waste recycling drop-off locations. All states need to create similar programs so consumers and businesses can recycle their unwanted TVs, cell phones, audio-video components, computer equipment, microwave ovens, electronic equipment from offices and labs and other recyclable materials.

ASL Recycling is heading the charge in California and it has recently extended its network of GREENspot e-waste drop-off locations into Southern California, adding 29 new GREENspots to the growing list of locations.

“Last year, when we started the GREENetwork, we focused on making the original language of the state legislation a reality by establishing ‘free and convenient’ waste recycling solutions for consumers,” said Carey Levine, vice president of sales and marketing at ASL Recycling. “Californians can now visit a website, locate a local GREENspot, and know that the e-waste they take there will be properly managed. And they don’t have to wait for a collection event in their neighborhood — they can drop it off at their convenience and know it is going to be handled safely and securely.”

When ASL Recycling launched the GREENetwork earlier this year, its goal was to make it convenient for people to get rid of their e-waste, and to also assure them that it would be treated according to industry best practices. With this second phase of its California expansion completed, ASL Recycling is on track to attain its aggressive goal of making it possible for 9 out 10 households and businesses in the state to be within 5 miles of a GREENspot. The company continues to emphasize public education on e-waste through community outreach, collection events, and mass-media campaigns.

How it works: The program is simple (if you live in California). Visit, type in your ZIP code and instantly locate a nearby drop-off location.

Who is ASL?
ASL was started in 1998 as an asset services company reselling high tech equipment and managing IT assets for large corporations in the Silicon Valley. When the state of California passed the Recycling Act of 2003 and California SB20 legislation, ASL made a natural progression to providing a free electronic waste recycling program to businesses and consumers. Today ASL acts as both a state authorized collector and recycler of electronic waste.

Every month ASL prevents approximately 600 tons of e-waste from being dumped in local landfills and is recycling 98% of the material that comes through the facility. Computers, cell phones, televisions and other electronic components have changed the way we gather information, seek entertainment, and stay connected with friends and family, and our colleagues and clients.

Do you have a similar program in your local area?
Leave a comment and let us know; please include your general location (city, state) and any info you have on your local program.

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