Improve Your Gas Mileage Before Holiday Travel

19 Dec

Traveling for the holidays? To improve your gas mileage consider changing your oil and air filter to improve your ride. I’m always amazed at how much better my car runs after changing the oil and air filter. What else can you do to increase your fuel mileage?

Tire pressure, improve your gas mileageMake sure your air pressure in the tires is right or slightly over-filled. Also, change your “cabin air filter” – just changed mine. It was nasty, filled with leaves, dust, etc. The automobile service center that changed my oil wanted $50 for a cabin air filter. That’s just too much to pay for a cabin air filter. I declined and picked one up at Advanced Auto on the way home for $19 and changed it in the parking lot in less than 5-minutes.

Not all cars have a cabin air filter but most newer cars tend to have one. If your car has a strange odor when you turn on the heater or air conditioner, or if it seems like the fan doesn’t work like it once did, it is likely time to change your cabin air filter.Lexus replace cabin air filter

Why change your cabin air filter?

Changing your cabin air filter (you can buy on from Amazon) does several things for you: improves the air quality inside your car, reduces strain on your heating and cooling system (less maintenance and wear), and a new air filter allows you to run the fan at lower speeds which improves gas mileage.

How do you change a cabin air filter?
It is relatively easy. In most cars, the cabin air filter is located behind or just under the glove compartment. I found a great website that includes videos on changing the cabin air filter; they had a video for all of our cars. Check out: Car Care Kiosk.  It is an excellent website for automobile maintenance and “how to” automobile maintenance videos.