Green Remodeling For Baby Boomer Homes

27 Jul

Remodeling a home is possibly one of the highest levels of “green.” It is one of the best sustainable housing initiatives around. While researching the remodeling industry I came across the website dubbed, Home for Life. The site includes a wealth of resources that explain opportunities to upgrade an existing home’s energy and resource efficiency to reduce environmental impact. The website is a product of Remodeling Magazine, a Hanley Wood publication.

Below is a list of remodeling resources from “Home for Life” that are geared toward baby boomers considering a remodeling project for their home with energy efficiency in mind:

Articles by Carl Seville

Energy and green-remodeling expert Carl Seville has written several articles on the topic for REMODELING magazine. Here is a selection Carl Seville REMODELING ARTICLES

How to Go Green: Home Renovation

Planet Green and The Discovery Channel, great insight and tips for improving a home’s resource efficiency and performance.

The Daily Green

Several resources for going green: 5 Simple Money-Saving Green Remodeling Ideas

Green Remodeled Home Certification

Interested in having the green remodeling project third-party certified? Consider the programs here: REGREEN Energy Star for Existing Homes

Get Green Remodeling Certified

National and regional certification programs provide education for the finer points of green remodeling; and, legitimize a contractor’s claims.

I believe contractors with “green” knowledge” are already being sought by educated baby boomers. Energy costs keep going up and as they do so builders with energy efficiency training will be in higher demand than your traditional builders and remodeling contractors. They’ll surely have a competitive edge in the market place as the public continues to become more educated on the long-term cost savings as well as the fact that many green products no longer cost much more, if more at all when all things are considered, than traditional products used in the remodeling industry – Greg Magnus

Articles from Remodeling magazine

Articles from the pages of Remodeling: Green Payback; Keeping Them Honest: Searching for truth behind green-product claims

Remodeling Cost vs. Value
This site compares the average cost for 35 popular remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale. To display data for one of nine regions, click a state on the map or choose a region from the drop-down list. To display city data, choose a region, then choose a city from the region map or from the drop-down list. Click the Download button to download a PDF with city data. Click on a project name to see a description of that project and a 3-D model. Sort any column by clicking on the column header. For more information, visit: Remodeling 2011-12 Cost vs. Value Report.
REMODELING Launches “Home for Life” Virtual Home Tour
Press release on Home for Life (SOURCE: Hanley Wood)
WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 25, 2012) REMODELING magazine announces today the launch of Home for Life, a virtual home tour that showcases how to remodel a home to save money and live well throughout the retirement years.The first of the 76 million baby boomers turned 65 years old last year. A recent survey conducted by AARP revealed that 84 percent of boomers would like to stay in their current home during retirement but only 16 percent have taken any steps to adapt their home for the next couple of decades.The photo-realistic online virtual tour is now open at The home focuses on the needs of a hypothetical couple who have been married almost 40 years and have decided to continue living in their current home after they retired so they can remain near their friends, family and community services. The tour shows homeowners and remodelers how to:
  • Adapt a home for aging in place
  • Incorporate universal design into any renovation
  • Lower a home’s heating and cooling costs for years through energy-efficient home improvements, products and replacements
  • Save money and hassle over time through choosing low-maintenance materials and products with long lifecycles

Our goal for the REMODELING Home for Life virtual tour is to shed light on what baby boomers and remodelers will need to consider to adapt homes for the retirement years, including universal design strategies, lowered operating costs, and durable, low-maintenance products and systems,‖ said Sal Alfano, editorial director of REMODELING. ―We have brought together experts in remodeling design, active adult lifestyle, energy and resource efficiency, and universal design to create Home for Life.