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Are you looking to save energy and save money? Learning more about energy tools and energy calculators is a good place to start. Here’s a list of energy tools for 2019 to help you on your journey to save energy and save your hard earned money:

Solar Calculator: Going solar in 2019? The Energy Department’s Solar PV Watts Calculator allows homeowners to estimate potential performance of photo voltaic (PV) systems. It’s one of several Energy Department data and energy tools that can help you evaluate your solar potential.

Solar Panel System Investment for Retirement Low-Risk High Returns? – saving money on your energy utility bills by going solar may give you a better return than the stock market.

Homeowner’s Guide to Going Solar – the cost of using solar energy to power your home is decreasing year after year. This site includes numerous solar energy resources to help you evaluate solar.

Energy Unit Conversions: Try the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) calculators to convert energy units. You can evaluate and compare the energy used in coal, electricity, natural gas, crude oil, gasoline, and even food.

Measuring energy in food: Food calories are a measure of energy in food. One food calorie is equal to 1,000 calories, or 1 kilocalorie. For example, the energy in a 300-food calorie ice cream cone is about the same as the amount of electricity required to light a 100-watt incandescent light bulb for 3.5 hours. (SOURCE: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Food Energy Calculator).

Track Gas Prices – gas price trends in your area.

SEIA, esearch, solar market insight – includes several resources and fuel cost calculatorsgas mileage tips, and related energy tool resources.

Alternative Fuels Data Center’s Tool – find biodiesel, ethanol, electricity, or other types of fuel to refuel or recharge if you are using alternative fuels. The database includes over 29,000 stations. Download the iPhone or Android app and you can find a station while traveling.

Energy Use Estimator Tool | Calculator : estimate your energy use for certain appliances and electronic devices. Newer, more energy-efficient appliances can save you money.

Wind Energy Map (WindExchange) – this energy tool provided by the government helps you determine if there are enough wind resources at your location. Wind farms are contributing about 10% of total electricity generation in 14 states; more than 30% in four of those states and smaller wind turbines are powering a larger share of American homes.

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Energy Tools | Additional Resources

9 Energy Data Tools You Can Use 2019 – U.S. Dept. of Energy

Energy Disruptions Map – Weather tracker (storm information, etc.)

EIA’s Electric System Operating Data Tool – America’s electric grid performance information, peak demand, real-time information for the continental U.S. Also, visit the following link to learn How the Grid Works.

Wind Energy Guidebook  – information about small wind electric systems to help you determine if wind energy is a viable option for your situation. – tools, tips and resources to help you save energy and money at home.

GoingSolar – resource guide; helpful solar power energy resources for homeowners.

Have a favorite energy tool of your own? Leave a comment and we’ll add it to the list. Thanks!


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