Future Housing Zero Emissions Smart Tech

Image: Pearl Homes, Hunters PointImage: Pearl Homes, Hunters Point

There is a new Florida neighborhood called Hunters Point that has zero emissions, smart tech, and buildings that are hurricane-proof. This interests me greatly and I would love to see a retirement community built near me using the concept, for sure. On their website, you’ll see their attitude toward a new way to think about housing:

With only 86 homes, opportunities are limited to be part of a bold new energy-positive future. This is your chance to become a post-modern pioneer, to become your own source of power and to take the first step toward a life well lived. 

Gulf of Mexico, Florida Hunters Point postThe developers, Pearl Homes, Hunters Point and Marina are using solar, batteries, and Google Home to build houses that are totally smart. The Hunters Point neighborhood, located outside of Tampa, Florida, is promoted as a model for how smart buildings can lower emissions and create a clean grid with zero emissions.

This neighborhood features innovative homes surrounded by Florida’s natural beauty and minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. The development is located in Cortez, Florida, which is known for outdoor living. As claimed by the developers, Hunters Point is not just another waterfront development, Hunters Point is the future of community.

Focusing on net-positive energy homes, the development is a virtual power grid. In addition, the Pearl Performance Home at Hunters Point Marina is designed to encourage residents to meet their neighbors, spend leisure time outdoors, and build a truly special community. I hope to see this type of housing here in Virginia. If we don’t see it soon, we might just need to start building it ourselves.

For more info, see the following press release: BRADENTON, Fla., Jan. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Pearl Homes revealed details behind the Hunters Point Resort and Marina and its zero-energy ready Pearl Homeā„¢ this afternoon, set to debut in Cortez, Florida’s oldest fishing village later this year. (SOURCE: see Pearl Homes Press Release here).