Green Battery Technology – EnergyBar 100

AspectSolar - EnergyBar 100

AspectSolar - EnergyBar 100 Solar-powered portable batteries are getting greener, lighter, and more powerful. And now, AspectSolar is offering the EnergyBar 100 which is designed with green battery technology in mind. It is a recyclable, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)  battery that is TSA approved for carry-on and checked baggage (the battery is shown in the photo).

The following is an excerpt of a company press release published on PRNewswire for the solar-powered batteries made by AspectSolar:

SOURCE: PRNewswire AspectSolar Press Release: AspectSolar, an innovator in Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) solar-powered batteries, has announced an industry-leading, environmentally friendly and portable power solution for every aspect of work, play and home. With a lightweight and compact design, the EnergyBar 100 affords users twice the battery life of similar products and up to five times the duration of traditional batteries. . . . Designed with green battery technology, the EnergyBar 100 is manufactured with no known carcinogens, is recyclable and there is no thermal runoff. . . . TSA approved for carry-on and checked baggage. At 3.2 lbs., the EnergyBar 100 is 40%-60% lighter than traditional batteries. . . . available for purchase beginning August 2015 at

EnergyBar 100 BATTERY PACK: 3.1 lbs., take your charge wherever you travel, lightweight and compact design; $199.99.