Goodyear Tire Releases Concept for Electricity-Generating Tires

Goodyear-BH-30 tire

Goodyear-BH-30 tireAre tires that can charge electric vehicles in our near future? Might be according to Goodyear’s concept tire unveiled at the Geneva International Auto Show this week. Goodyear coined the new concept tire the BH-03. The tires are designed to convert friction heat generated during driving into electricity; generate your own electricity for your electric car. See the video below for a brief overview of the concept tires:



Here’s an excerpt of the press release for the tires as well as a link to the full PR:

GENEVA, Switzerland, March 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Two groundbreaking concept tires unveiled by The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company (NASDAQ: GT) at this week’s 85th Geneva International Motor Show could radically change the role of car tires in the future.

Though the two tires are concept products, the futuristic technologies stretch the imagination and provide a glimpse of what practical innovations may be on the horizon.

The first concept – named “BHO3” – offers the possibility of charging the batteries of electric cars by transforming the heat generated by the rolling tire into electrical energy. The second concept – named “Triple Tube” – contains three tubes that adjust tire inflation pressure in response to changing road conditions, delivering new levels of performance and versatility.

“These concept tires reimagine the role that tires may play in the future,” said Joe Zekoski, Goodyear’s senior vice president and chief technical officer. “We envision a future in which our products become more integrated with the vehicle and the consumer, more environmentally friendly and more versatile.”

Additional details on the two concept tires:


This tire generates electricity through the action of materials in the tire that capture and transform the energy created by heat when it flexes as it rolls during normal driving conditions. The materials used would optimize the tire’s electricity generation capabilities as well as its rolling resistance.

As demand for electric cars grows, this technology has the potential to significantly contribute to the solution of future mobility challenges. This visionary tire technology could eliminate the vehicle-range anxiety motorists may have with electric cars. (Read the full Goodyear tire press release on PR Newswire here)

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