Understanding Fuel Cells Resources

How does a fuel cell work? See the list of resources below; energy tax incentives are also included. But first, I recently came across ClearEdge Power, a company that provides fuel cell-based energy systems (hot water, electricity) for both commercial and residential facilities. The concept is interesting.

Here’s a brief excerpt from their website about fuel cell technology:

ClearEdge Power - Fuel CellsAbout the size of a refrigerator, the ClearEdge5 fuel cell hooks up to your natural gas supply and through its fuel processor, draws the hydrogen molecules out. Then, through an electrochemical process that combines the hydrogen molecules with oxygen, the unit generates up to 5kW of electricity for use throughout your entire home and business.

As electricity is generated through an electrochemical process that does not involve combustion (unlike traditional power plant generated electricity), it produces negligible amounts of pollutants and reduces your carbon emissions by up to 40%. Moreover, as heat is produced as a byproduct of the electrochemical reaction, the unit also produces enough excess heat to warm about 750 gallons of water — enough to heat your pool or domestic hot water supply. When used for both electricity and heat, the ClearEdge5 operates at 90% efficiency and can cut your energy costs by as much as 50%. (SOURCE: ClearEdge Power website)

For others interested in fuel cells as well, the following is a list of resources to help you find more info:

Fuel Cell Resources

Get more information on…

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Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) Rebate

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Fuel Cell Tax Incentives

DSIRE: Federal Incentives & Bonus Depreciation

For more information regarding federal incentives, click here.

Sustainable Energy Practices

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California Center for Sustainable Energy
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Additional Resources

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