Hybird Car That Pays the Owner Back

The British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) studied the fuel costs of 16 hybrids over five years and they compared the costs against their purchase price and financing fees. In a study released in late July, only one of the 16 hybrids cost less to buy and run than its gasoline counterpart. Can you guess which one? It probably not the one you would expect.

Here’s an excerpt of the BCAA research study and a link to the full article for those interested:

Twelve years after Honda introduced the first gas-electric hybrid vehicle into the mass North American market, car buyers have yet to see the kinds of price reductions that were predicted to occur as hybrids gained popularity and market share. Even with technological advancements, and increased sales and model selection, consumers continue to pay a premium to purchase a hybrid. And, with the introduction of the HST and the corresponding elimination of the provincial sales tax rebate on hybrid vehicles, most hybrid models continue to cost more to own and operate than their conventional gas-powered counterparts.

According to British Columbia Automobile Association’s (BCAA) annual Hybrid Cost and Savings analysis conducted in July, several models come close to their conventional cousins when costs are compared over five years, but only one – the $105,000 Mercedes S400 Hybrid sedan—is less expensive to own and operate compared to its conventional equivalent. (Source: BCAA – Read the full BCAA article here)


  • The $105,000 Mercedes S400 Hybrid sedan is the only model less expensive to own and operate compared to its corresponding conventional model. The S400 is approximately $5,000 less to own and operate than the closest conventional model, the Mercedes S450.
  • The hybrids that come closest in cost to their conventional counterparts in purchase and operating costs are all the Toyota models (Prius, Camry and Highlander Hybrid), all the Honda models (Insight and Civic Hybrid) and the Lexus HS250h.
  • Over a five year period, the hybrids that are the least costly to own and operate are the Honda Insight ($38,326), Toyota Prius ($40,324), and Honda Civic Hybrid ($42,664).
  • Hybrids with the greatest greenhouse gas (GHG) emission advantage over their gas-powered equivalents are:
      Toyota Prius (55% fewer GHG emissions)
      Ford Fusion Hybrid (38% fewer GHG emissions)
      Honda Civic Hybrid (37% fewer GHG emissions)
  • The hybrids with the lowest overall GHG emissions (kg of carbon per year) are:
      Toyota Prius (1748 kg/yr)
      Honda Civic Hybrid (2070 kg/yr)
      Honda Insight (2162 kg/yr)
      Ford Fusion Hybrid (2352 kg/yr)

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