Welcome to 11025 Old Washington Hwy, Glen Allen, Virginia 23059.  We are glad you stopped by to see us. What will you find here?

First  of all, you’ll find a history of recent renovations for a residential property located in Central Virginia. But before we go into those details, let me explain what else you’ll find and why I created this site.

As it turns out, homeowners interested in building or renovating a home are often faced with an important decision. Should you, as the homeowner, be the General Contractor (GC) for the project? Well, that depends on your schedule and abilities. There are numerous articles to help you make that decision. This site is focused on helping those that have made the decision to be the GC for his or her project. However, others will also find our experience as a Homeowner GC helpful when interviewing and selecting a General Contractor for a project.

Additional Resources

Homeowner GC Network – Be Your Own General Contractor


Greg Magnus

Homeowner General Contractor (GC), Professional Geologist (PG), President, AIM Custom Media (aimcustom.com)

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