Septic Tank Replacement

Although we never had any problems with our septic tank, we had to abandon our old tank and install a new one. Here’s why.

In Hanover County, Virginia, the Hanover County Health Department likes to locate septic tanks about 10 feet or so from homes. When we decided to build an addition on the back of our house, the addition footings and foundation would straddle the old septic tank; unacceptable for any foundation. Therefore, we removed the old septic tank and installed a new tank further from the house.

The area excavated to remove the old tank (disturbed soil condition) was filled with #5 gravel, compacted, and covered with soil. We’ll have an engineer review the footing and foundation design given the disturbed soil conditions at the old septic tank location.

The new tank is a 1,000 gallon, mid-seam, concrete tank. It includes a PVC observation port that rises to ground surface; it will be used in the future to inspect the general condition of the tank.

I knew about this situation in advance and added the estimated cost to our overall project budget for our new addition. In our area the approximate cost to abandon an old septic tank and install a new one runs within the range of $2,300 – $2,600 (assuming easy access for the heavy equipment; backhoe and septic tank delivery truck, etc.). We also had to pay the Hanover County Health Department a $475 permit fee (yeah, a little over the top but what can you do). The job included pumping out the old tank (about $200 – $250). Given our tank was due for a pump out, I figured the septic tank added about $2,500 to the cost of our addition (cost for new tank install plus permit fee minus the pump out fee that we would have incurred anyway).

Septic Tank Replacement – Hanover County Virginia

Note: Hanover County, Virginia, as well as other counties here in Central Virginia, requires pumping out of septic tanks once every five years.

Another cost to consider is the cost of landscaping and possibly the cost to remove a fence or other things in your yard. Fortunately, our site had easy access for heavy equipment and the job went very smoothly.

I hired Glen Allen Mechanical for the job; highly recommended – great contractors for septic work here in Central Virginia.

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