Relaxing Adirondack Chairs For the Deck

Adirondack ChairsIt is hard to believe that 25 years have gone by since I built my Adirondack chairs. I don’t recall using plans to build these two Adirondack chairs, but a good set of plans with instructions are definitely helpful. And, you’re in luck if you are searching for plans. Today I found a great resource for others interested in building Adirondack chairs.

The article I came across includes step-by-step instructions and plans to build the classic Adirondack chairs. Here’s the link to the article and plans:

Link: Step-by-Step Instructions and Plans for Building Adirondack Chairs

It is a PDF file you can print; it appears it is from a woodworking related article published back in 2007. Also, it includes a few creative Adirondack chair design examples (without instructions). The examples are from a second exhibition on the Adirondack theme held at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. According to the article, a professor invited students and alumni from recognized furniture and design programs to the exhibition. He then challenged the designers to explore and redesign the classic Adirondack chair.  Here are a few screen shots of the chairs:

adirondack chair with wheeladirondack chair rocker

adirondack chair plans

And, another creative design from Wine Barrel Products:

Adirondack chair wine barrel


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