Property Features Overview

Old Washington Hwy - Homeowner GCThe home was built in 1930 and initially included approximately 1,650 sq. ft. of living space. Since that time the home has been renovated extensively. This post was last updated Sept. 2014. Features include:

  • Sunroom addition: ~ 220 sq. ft., six Pella casement windows (facing south), brick exterior facade, oak hardwood floors, vaulted ceiling with two skylights
  • Mud-Room: ~ 80 sq. ft. with steel door (exterior, south entrance), 2 X 6 exterior walls (more insulation than normal), one small window (old window with storm window), concrete floor.
  • Kitchen and downstairs 1/2 bath renovation completed: Giallo granite island, stainless steel appliances, oak hardwood floors, etc.
  • Shed: ~ 1,200 sq. ft. shed/garage, concrete floor added, two automatic garage doors added, etc.
  • New septic tank installed (11/2012), a new septic tank was installed because the old one had to be moved given it was under the footing/foundation of the a new addition being built.

After the renovations above, the home increased in square footage to approximately 1,950 sq. ft.; lot size is 2.77 acres.


  • Two story, ~1,600 sq. ft. addition
  • Walls: addition walls constructed using 6″ structured insulated panels (SIPs)
  • Roof: truss roof, vaulted second floor ceilings, 1′ heal added to truss’ for insulation, etc.
  • Conditioned Crawl Space: the new crawl under the addition is a conditioned crawl (2″ thermax along foundation, plastic, etc.)
  • HVAC system (see below)

After adding the addition to the home, the total square footage is now approximately 3,550 sq. ft.

Energy Conservation Improvements

HVAC – Heating and Cooling:

  • HVAC – First Floor: install new heating and cooling system; minimum 15 SEER; replace existing “crawl space” ductwork (originally installed for old oil burning furnace; furnace and above-ground oil tank have been removed).
  • HVAC – Second Floor: a new HVAC system was installed June 2000, this HVAC system served the “second floor only” and was located in the existing attic. Originally sized to handle proposed addition “second floor” as well as existing second floor. The original specs for this system, which subsequently has been replaced:
    • Carrier (38YKC024-3), 2-ton, 11.5 SEER, HSPF 7.2, variable speed air handler (FK4CNF002) with 8kw aux. heat, Aprilaire High Efficiency Air Cleaner (model 2200), sealed R-6 ducts, programmable thermostat (Carrier Thermidistat Control)
  • Sealed ductwork
  • HVAC registers: ceiling register cutouts sealed with caulk and expanding form, where necessary
  • Additional ductwork insulation to be added
  • IMPORTANT HVAC SIZING – NOTES: Second floor ceiling height is 7′ in the “existing” portion of our home (approx. 800 sq. ft. which requires smaller HVAC given 12% less area to heat/cool); plaster walls, single pane windows (east and north of building only with storm windows (existing portion of home); south facing windows are Pella double-pane. The majority of the walls for the older portion of the home include R-13 insulation (holes filled with expanding foam insulation), OSB (caulked at seams), Tyvek house wrap, rainscreen (underneath siding), and James Hardie Board cement siding.


  • Refrigerator: Samsung Energy Star refrigerator (purchased 2012)
  • Washer & Dryer: Samsung Energy Star washer and dryer (purchased 2011-2012)
  • Water Heater: existing water heater has been replaced with a GE GeoSpring Hybrid 50-Gallon Water Heater – ENERGY STAR, high-efficiency
  • Lighting: CFL’s, LEDs and motion activated switches (bathroom, pantry, etc.); bathroom switches use motion on/off with auto-off timers


  • Exterior Walls: R-13 insulation and Tyvek house wrap added
  • Sealed attic floor; caulk seams, insulate to R-50 with cellulose,
  • Ridge vent added to older portion of the home with rafter vents to soffit (new soffit added 2013),
  • Improved outdoor wall sealing to further limit air infiltration
  • Sealed electrical outlets

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