Peak LED Spotlight – Rechargeable

Peak LED Spotlight

spotlight, Peak2016-03: I’ve been looking for a high-quality spotlight for sometime now. I found a Peak LED rechargeable spotlight at Advanced Auto. It delivers high intensity light and works well outdoors. We use it a lot to keep an eye on the dogs when they venture out into the woods in our backyard. Also, to see what they are barking at every now and then.

It is light weight, easy to carry, and rechargeable. This model is LED, FL-1 rated for lumens and runtime. The Peak LED lights are equipped with powerful Li-ion batteries which deliver longer runtime, less weight, and more recharge over the life of the product. Peak sells a variety of rechargeable spotlights and specialty lights commonly used for car maintenance, emergencies or outdoor needs.

  • 10 watt LED
  • 600 lumens
  • 3 hours of continuous runtime
  • 2 power settings for longer runtime
  • Waterproof up to 1 m & floats
  • Rechargeable, AC & DC chargers included
  • Battery: 7.4V 1800 mA Li-ion battery
  • Owner’s Manual (Peak Model: PKC010WM, PDF file)

The spotlight’s retail price was $40 at Advanced Auto, minus $20 off using a rewards coupon I had for my Advanced Auto account. The spotlight works great so far and it was a pretty good deal given the quality of the product.

Greg Magnus

Homeowner General Contractor (GC), Professional Geologist (PG), President, AIM Custom Media (

One thought on “Peak LED Spotlight – Rechargeable

  • September 10, 2018 at 2:38 pm

    Update: its been a few years since I purchased this flash light. It is a great flash light! I can’t believe how long it holds the charge. Definitely recommend it for sure.


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