DIY Reclaimed Wood Podcast Table

Using reclaimed wood to build furniture always appeals to me. Whether the project is a podcast table, shelves, fire pit table, or something else, there is satisfaction in using recycled materials. And, the opportunity arose once again when we realized we needed a custom Podcast Table for our Podcast room. The room we are using for podcasts is on the smaller size. Most tables I found were either too big or too small; or just too expensive for a simple table. Given I had a reclaimed table-base in the garage, I decided to build a custom podcast table top the size we needed for the room. 

I have plenty of reclaimed wood in the garage, which came from renovations, an old discarded piano, shiplap siding, alleys, and so on. I started gathering pieces of pine, oak, mahogany, and whatever else I could find. Plenty of options and plenty of leftover paint to create a colorful table top.  I didn’t want to spend the time creating an elaborate wood pattern so I just started by gluing the pieces of reclaimed wood together on an angle.

Podcast Table


Getting a level table top made of various pieces of reclaimed wood is a challenge without a planer, but it worked out after some sanding. I used an orbital sander to get it relatively smooth. It took some time and it isn’t meant to be perfectly smooth as a reclaimed wood project.

Podcast Table

Once all of the pieces were glued together, I cut out the rectangular top to size. Subsequently, I taped off and painted several pieces of the wood. After that, I added trim and stained it a red mahogany.

Podcast Table reclaimed wood
Podcast Table reclaimed wood

The next step might be painting or staining the base. Another option might be Shou Sugi Ban, like I did with our fence and porch stand. I haven’t decided what I’ll do with the base, but here’s what I have so far (pictures below). 


Greg Magnus

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