Given the unique nature of extensively renovated farmhouse properties such as ours, it is often difficult to find comparable real estate with similar acreage and features. After experiencing about a  dozen or so appraisals for homes and rental properties I have owned, I have come to the conclusion that determining real estate value is a science (and an art) best left to the real estate pros.

To garner ballpark value you can research recently sold properties within your area with similar square footage. But that is just the beginning. There are numerous “additions and subtractions” to the value that are beyond the scope here. Friends in the real estate industry are also a great resource for you. Experienced real estate professionals understand the local market.

To better understand the general trends, I track recent real estate sales data on occasion. For example, below are a few recent sales that may or may not be applicable to us here in Hanover County:

2013-12-13: 6005 Carrington Green Pl, Glen Allen, VA 23060 – Sold on 12/30/13: $427,900

2013-12-26: 11416 Hunton Ridge Ln, Glen Allen, VA 23059 – Sold for $430,000

 2013-10-17: 11736 Parsons Walk Ct Glen Allen, VA 23059 – Sold for $433,000

 2013-07-31: 11421 Hunton Ridge Ln Glen Allen, VA 23059 – Sold for $459,000




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