Bathtub Surround

bathtub surround, bathroom designI finally finished the bathtub surround for our bathroom; it only took a few years LOL! When building our addition, we decided to go with a large master bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom is about 200 square feet. The bathtub surround was a bit of a challenge.

Getting all of the plumbing right took some time and required a few attempts before the bathtub drained correctly. It wasn’t easy working with the fittings that came with the bathtub and I had to make a couple of trips to the home stores to buy plumbing supplies.

Raised Bathtub Surround

In general, we wanted a spa look for the master bathroom which includes floating vanities and a walk-in shower. It took a while to find the bathtub and tub filler at reasonable prices; both were purchased online after extensive searching. Unfortunately, the local bathroom suppliers were outrageously priced when compared to what you’ll find on the Internet.

bathtub surround, oak stepThe platform includes Mexican beach rocks from Home Depot. The step and wood molding is left-over oak flooring ripped to size. It was stained with a Golden Oak stain but I want to bleach it to make it more spa-like (still more to do). I believe my wife, Lee Ann, found the glass vase at Home Goods.



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