2019 Home Design Trends Contemporary Fireplaces

contemporary fireplaces

A new year brings new home design trends and predictions. One popular on Pinterest is contemporary fireplaces for the home. The old brick and mortar fireplaces are fading and searches for contemporary fireplaces are up over 750 percent.

Whether gas or electric, the clean burning contemporary fireplaces are a better choice for the environment. Homeowners seek to eliminate the hassle of fetching wood and sweeping out ashes, which is a royal pain for many.

Accent walls are too becoming more popular with colorful painted designs and geometric patterns. Bold accents are in.

According to an article published by Architectural Digest, Design Pros Predict the Big Decor Trends of 2019, old-fashioned decorative accents are gaining popularity. Also according to the same article, making a potential comeback is colored glass; vintage glass pendants, chandeliers, glassware, furniture, mirrors, and accessories. 

Elle Decor notes in a post, The Design Trends that will be IN and OUT in 2019, that floral patterns, either abstracted or straight up chintz, will be the pattern to use. Also “in” are rich jewel tones with an edge; bold indigo, hunter green, and dark teal against a backdrop of white architectural elements. Out is fiber art. Everyone loves a good weave, but it has hit a saturation point and dangerously close to macramé owl overload of the 1970’s.

Greg Magnus

Homeowner General Contractor (GC), Professional Geologist (PG), President, AIM Custom Media (aimcustom.com)

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